What Happens to Soccer Jerseys After the Game?

What happens to soccer jerseys after the game - dressing room with jerseys hanged.

Once a soccer game ends, the players’ jerseys are often stained with sweat and grass and usually thrown in the laundry to be washed. Sometimes, they’re kept as souvenirs by fans or opposition players. Many fans cannot help but wonder whether players wear new jerseys for each game and what happens to the previously worn ones.

This article answers the question “What Happens to Soccer Jerseys After the Game?” by discussing the fate of used jerseys once the referee’s whistle is blown after 90 minutes. We also look into the impact of time on how clubs treat jerseys worn by players.

It’s not uncommon for diehard soccer fans to want to keep a piece of their favorite team’s history. Whether it’s a jersey worn by a star player or one from a winning season, fans love to display these items in their homes as a way to show their support. But what happens to the worn jerseys after the game? Do players simply discard them or are they kept for future use?

It turns out that there’s a bit of protocol when it comes to what happens to soccer jerseys after the game. For the most part, players will change into new jerseys for each game. However, there are some instances where a jersey may be reused.

What Happens to Soccer Jerseys After the Game?

Soccer players’ jerseys taken off after the game are usually discarded or swapped with the opposition players. However, jerseys may also be offered as souvenirs to fans in the stadium or auctioned for charity, especially at the end of a special game such as the final of a prestigious tournament.

Some players may also choose to get their jerseys worn for special occasions washed and ironed to be kept in their homes. Many superstar soccer players have designated rooms in their apartments and mansions for storing such jerseys and other apparel for sentimental reasons.

Do Professional Players Wear A New Jersey For Each Game?

Yes, professional players in the top tier wear a new jersey for each game but the opposite may be true for those playing in the lower leagues. Amateur players will wear the same jersey for multiple games unless it gets too dirty or damaged.

The jerseys are designed to be comfortable for the player to wear and are made to withstand multiple washes.

How Many Jerseys Does Each Professional Player Bring To The Game?

How many jerseys does each professional bring to the game- dressing room with jerseys before a match.
Soccer teams dressing room with numbered shirts

Players usually bring three jerseys to the game: one to wear and one to change into if it gets dirty or sweaty. The third pair acts as a spare for any contingencies that may arise before or during the game.

Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham are known for putting on fresh jerseys during the halftime period of each game. Thus, bringing multiple jerseys to their dressing rooms makes a lot of sense. Besides, players may be ordered by referees to change into a new jersey when the current one gets stained with blood due to an injury sustained on the field or unexpected leakages during periods among female players.

Do Amateur Players Reuse Worn Jerseys?

Amateur players and those who play in the lower leagues typically wear the same jersey multiple times. The jerseys are usually washed after each game and examined for minor problems like holes to be stitched up promptly.

Such teams often employ the services of a kitman tasked with washing the jerseys after each game to ensure good physical condition for the next match. The kitman may also be responsible for other equipment like shoes and shin pads.

Do Soccer Players Change Jerseys At Halftime?

It’s not uncommon for soccer players to change jerseys at halftime. This is usually done to prevent the jersey from becoming too dirty or sweaty. In some cases, it may also be done to support a commercial campaign or to promote a worthy social cause. For example, many players wear pink jerseys during halftime of games in October to support breast cancer awareness.

Some of the biggest names in soccer, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, are known for changing their jerseys at halftime. This is likely due to the fact that they have multiple sponsors and need to promote all of them during the game. It’s also a way to show support for different causes throughout the season.

Do Soccer Players Have to Pay For The Shirts They Give Away?

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Yes, players have to pay for the jerseys they give away to fans and opponents. The jerseys are provided by the team or the league but the costs are deducted from the player’s salary. In some cases, players may choose to donate their jerseys to charity.

According to former Manchester United teammate Ben Forster, Cristiano Ronaldo may have spent an astonishing £77,000 on shirts gifted to opponents.

Why Do Soccer Players Swap Jerseys After The Game?

There are a few reasons why soccer players swap jerseys after the game. In some cases, it may be a sign of respect for the other team or player. It may also be done as a souvenir for fans. In other cases, it may be part of a sponsorship deal. For example, many Nike-sponsored players intentionally swap jerseys with other players sponsored by the American sportswear giant.

What Happens To The Jerseys After The Season Ends?

The jerseys are typically retired after the season ends. Some players may keep their jerseys as souvenirs, but most of them will be donated to charity or auctioned off to raise money for good causes.

What Happens To The Soccer Ball After The Game?

What Happens To The Soccer Ball After The Game - soccer ball on the field.

The soccer ball is usually returned to the referee after the game. An unofficial rule is to allow players who score hat tricks to keep the ball as a souvenir at the conclusion of the game. The ball may also be donated to charity to raise funds or be handed over to a lucky fan as a souvenir.

Do Players Wear New Socks For Each Game?

Yes, players typically wear new socks for each game. The socks are usually made of cotton or polyester and are designed to wick away moisture. This helps keep the feet dry and comfortable during the game.

Do Players Wear New Shoes For Each Game?

No, players do not wear new shoes for each game. In fact, most players will wear the same pair of shoes for multiple games. The shoes are made to withstand several washes and are designed to be comfortable for the player to wear.

Also, breaking in a new soccer cleat can be painful which explains why the majority of players are more comfortable wearing the same shoes for a dozen games or more.


After a game, soccer jerseys are usually thrown in the laundry to be washed. However, sometimes they are kept as souvenirs by fans or sold for charity. Professional players usually wear the same jersey for multiple games, unless it gets too dirty or damaged.

The previously worn jerseys are typically retired after the season ends. Do you have a favorite soccer jersey? Share it with us in the comments!

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